Eco-Friendly Ways To Treat Your Drain Damage

When there's a problem with drains in your house and the piping and sewer lines connected to them, this is obviously something you need to fix urgently. This doesn't mean that you need to use wasteful or environmentally damaging methods, however. Here are a few ways to make sure that you get your drains and pipes fixed while still being environmentally friendly.

The Danger of Traditional Methods

If the problem with why your drains aren't properly working has to do with pipe damage, you may need to get them replaced. The problem with traditional approaches to replacing pipes is that they can cause a huge amount of damage to the surrounding area due to the fact that you have to dig giant holes in the ground all around the pipes to replace them.

This is energy intensive due to all of the equipment that's needed to dig the holes. It also has the potential to cause damage to the surrounding eco-system and other human infrastructure. You could be destroying the homes of a number of animals. You could risk puncturing other sewer lines, oil tanks or who knows what else, which would leak toxic chemicals.


Instead of replacing your broken piping outright, there's now a method that allows professionals to pour epoxy lining down your drains instead. The lining will then harden on the inside of your drain pipes, creating a new secondary pipe layer that will eliminate all breakage in the line.

The epoxy usually works on a two part system with a base and a catalyst. This usually limits the sheer amount of digging required, but some companies may still do some large percentage of digging so they can see what's going on with the epoxy.

Trenchless Repair

One approach that can be combined with epoxy lining is a trenchless repair system. This approach doesn't dig the big trenches usually associated with drain pipe repair. Instead, services use cameras that they drop down into a few very narrow holes in the ground so that they can see exactly how epoxy has to be poured and how it's working on the pipes.

This way, only a few holes need to be dug instead of entire trench systems that can really tear up the local environment. This system also works with other approaches like using PVC-infusion to bridge gaps, fill in voids, repair cracks and stop other damage from occurring. For more information about repairing your sewer line, contact a company like Jubilee Plumbing Inc.