Why An Air Conditioner Tune-Up Is Worth It

Everyone has seen commercials on television or heard them on the radio that talks about an air conditioner tune-up. Getting your air conditioner ready for the hot summer months is important so that you can make sure that the cold air is blowing and that it does not break down when you most need it. But what does a tune-up actually consist of and is it actually worth doing every year? These are important questions that need to be answered before your get an air conditioning service and repair.

What does an air conditioner tune-up consist of?

1. Check Refrigerant. One of the most common reasons why an air conditioner stops blowing cold air is because the refrigerant is low. An air conditioning tune-up will be able to adjust the refrigerant levels so that they are correct. If the refrigerant is too low, cold air will not blow out of the air conditioner. If the refrigerant is too high, the air conditioner can become damaged and not run as efficiently.

2. Cleaning. In order to ensure that the air conditioner is running as efficiently as possible, it is important to make sure that all of the components of the unit are clean. Cleaning the blower will make the airflow throughout the home better. A tune-up technician can also clean up the evaporator and coils. When the coils are dirty, the air will not be as cold and you will lose efficiency.

3. Tighten and Lubricate. It is important to make sure that all connections are tight. This will ensure that all parts of the system are working correctly. It is also important to increase the longevity of the life of the unit by lubricating all of the moving parts. This will increase the life of the AC and increase the efficiency as well.

Is it worth it?

Heating and air conditioning can take up to around half of a home's energy. Making sure that the air conditioner is tuned up and working correctly and efficiently will make the air conditioner run at peak performance. Another great benefit of tuning up you air conditioner is that it will more than likely prevent major malfunctions that lead to costly repairs. Between the energy savings and repair savings, you will more than pay for the low cost of tuning it up each year.

Making sure you air conditioner is tuned up and working is the best way to stay cool and comfortable throughout the summer months.