Three Tips For Deciding What Material To Use For A Clean-Out Plug

It's necessary to have one or more clean-out plugs in your home if you want to periodically clean and otherwise maintain your pipes. The right choice of clean-out plug for you depends on both the circumstances of your home and your own individual preferences. When it's time to decide what clean-out plug material to use in one area of your home, these three tips will assist you.

Consider How Close The Clean-out Plug Will Be To A Toilet

One important consideration is how close your new clean-out plug will be to a toilet. Since both pipes and clean-out plugs directly below or adjacent to a toilet will have to resist much more corrosive chemicals than they would have to if they were only near a kitchen sink or dishwasher, it's necessary in this case to choose a plug made of a very strong and sturdy material like brass or steel.

By contrast, if your new clean-out plug won't be near a toilet, it'll be able to survive for much longer without suffering corrosion in its interior. In this case, going with a more traditional plastic or rubber plug isn't a bad decision.

Get A Rubber Clean-out Plug If You Don't Want To Deal With It Getting Stuck

If your clean-out plug ever gets stuck, removing it with a wrench will be a huge hassle. If you never want to deal with this particular problem, get a compressible rubber plug that has a small metal wing nut on it for easy removal.

In A Damp And Bug Infested Basement, A Metal Clean-out Plug Is A Great Choice

Even though a metal clean-out plug is more expensive and harder to use than a plastic or rubber one, sometimes the extra protection it provides is necessary. This is especially true if you're planning to install your new plug in a damp basement that has an insect infestation problem.

Of course, above-ground insects are just as capable of poking holes in plastic or rubber clean-out plugs as below-ground insects. But because the first floor of your home can't be penetrated by water from the ground nearly as easily, any insect problem you have can be dealt with by other means than getting a sturdy clean-out plug.

It's never fun to deal with a broken piece of plumbing equipment that you specifically bought yourself. On the other hand, since dealing with a stuck metal plug isn't fun either, you'll have to think hard about how you're going to address this particular plumbing problem. Contact a plumber for more information or assistance.