Paper Towel Clog Solutions For Small Fitness Studios

Newbie business owners who open a small personal training, group exercise, yoga, or pilates studio often come across unforeseen complexities. In particular, when your new studio is located in a small-sized commercial rental designed as office space, the bathroom is not fully adequate for a fitness business. So, to avoid plumbing mishaps, take a few additional steps to prevent embarrassing clogs.

Towel Trouble Arises

Physical activity causes people to sweat. After a workout, clients are likely going to walk into the bathroom, wash their hands and face, wipe the water off with paper towels, and then make the egregious mistake of flushing the towels down the toilet. Thick towels clog toilets and a sign stating "Please do not flush towels" is likely to be frequently ignored. To cut down on towel-related septic troubles, do the following:

  • Offer an Air Dryer

Air dryers are not going to totally replace paper towels and a roll should always be in the bathroom. However, the air dryer will cut down on some paper towel use which, in turn, eliminates a decent amount of improper disposal. Of course, there is still always going to be some folks who flush the towels so you cannot rely on the air dryer alone.

  • Flush Septic Cleaner

There are very powerful septic system cleaners designed to eat through paper and other refuse in the plumbing line. Do not wait until you hear gurgling or notice slow flushes. At least once a month, flush one of these cleaners. You never want your (potentially germ-phobic) clients to notice any troubles with the septic line so take preventive measures.

Also, flush the septic cleaner at the end of the business day. Sometimes, the powdery cleaner comes back up through the septic line and into the bowl. You don't want a client to see this. Pour the solution down the drain at the close of business, flush twice, and allow the powder to settle overnight. At the beginning of the next business day, flush any excess.

  • Use Biodegradable Paper Towels

Sure, traditional paper towels are cheaper, but they do not break down easily. Biodegradable towels dissolve quicker and more thoroughly. That means less risks for clogs. Combining biodegradable towels with a septic line cleaner surely cuts down on potential clogs and overflow incidents.

  • Have the Line Snaked

At least once a year, have a plumber from a plumbing company like Absolute Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Services Inc snake the drain to make sure there are no obstructions. Again, this is a form of preventive maintenance. Definitely call in a plumber for a snake job if nothing changes after pouring down the septic cleaner.

Remember, clients do want to be sure they are training in a clean, healthy environment. The more effort you put into reducing clogs and other septic line woes, the more comfortable people will be to patronize your business.