How To Put In A New Toilet Flapper

One of the easiest things to fix in your bathroom is replacing the toilet flapper. This is the plastic component inside the toilet tank that helps your toilet flush water and waste. Here are some easy tips for replacing the old flapper with a new one.

Turn off the Water Supply

Once you have purchased your new toilet flapper and are ready to install it, you need to turn off the water supply. This will ensure the toilet is completely turned off and won't flush when you are attempting to install the new flapper. Find the water supply to the toilet and disconnect it. Once this is done, you can drain your toilet by simply flushing it. All of the water will flush out but it won't re-fill since the water supply has been disconnected. Use a sponge to remove any more water left in the toilet.

Take Out the Old Flapper

If the old toilet flapper is still inside the toilet tank, it will first need to be removed. Find the chain connecting the flapper to the tank and unhinge it. It will be connected to the toilet handle rod just inside the tank. After the chain has been unhinged, pull on each side of the flapper and unhook it from the flush valve. Dispose of the old flapper properly.

Prepare and Install the New Flapper

If you have a toilet that has the toilet flapper attached by two ears on the flush valve, as you noticed when you removed the old one, then you need to prepare the new flapper. Flappers come with a ring on the back of the flapper. This will need to be cut off if your toilet is configured to attach the flapper by these ears. However, if your fill valve doesn't have these side flaps or ears, then you can keep the ring on because that is how it will attach to the valve.

You can now place the toilet flapper inside the tank by hooking it either by each ear or by the ring you left on the flapper. It needs to be secured to the flush valve so that it works properly every time you flush the toilet. The flapper chain also needs to be connected to the toilet handle rod. You can now make adjustments to the chain if you need to. It should be long enough so that the flapper sits in place but to where the chain isn't getting caught underneath the flapper when the toilet is flushed.

Reconnect the toilet's water supply and test the flapper with the lid of the tank still removed. This lets you see how it works and to make sure the chain is the right length.

If you have questions about the functionality of your toilet, make sure to contact a professional plumber from a business like Vincent J Cestaro & Son Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning.