Four Energy Saving Projects Any Plumbing Contractor Can Help You With

If you want to pay less when your utility bills come, there are improvements that you can do to your home. You can invest in things like solar energy and mechanical systems that are more efficient. Some of these things can be costly, but not all of the energy improvements you can do to your home have to break the bank. If you want a home that is more energy efficient, here are some things that a plumbing contractor can help you with:

1. Grey Water Irrigation And Collection For Outdoor Water Use

Grey water is the water that comes from things like your dishwasher or the kitchen sink. This clean water can be used for many things like water the garden. One simple improvement that a plumber can do for you is add grey water irrigation by diverting drainage from grey water appliances in your home. This can even be done with a storage tank to provide more water for outdoor chores.

2. Solar Water Heaters For Affordable Renewable Energy Systems

Solar energy can be a great renewable energy resource to add to your home. Solar water heaters and storage tanks to store the hot water can be installed, which can then be used by things like a hot water heater or even your heating systems.

3. Low Consumption Plumbing Fixtures To Reduce Water Consumption 

Things like the shower, toilets and sinks in your home may use a lot of water. These plumbing fixtures can be updated with newer ones. The newest plumbing fixtures use less water, which can reduce water consumption. It can also help to reduce wasted energy from hot water that is used in things like sinks and showers.

4. Manifold Plumbing Systems For More Efficient Management Of Plumbing Systems

Manifold plumbing systems are used to manage the flow of water. These systems have separate lines for hot water and cold water. This helps to improve the efficiency of your plumbing by carrying water directly from the source, which can help to reduce energy loss from hot water heaters. It can also help to make repairs to plumbing easier.

These are some of the ways that a plumber can help make your home more energy efficient. If you're interested in adding improvements like these to your home, contact a plumbing service like Sunset Professional Plumbing Services Inc. and talk with them about what can be installed in your home.