Four Tips To Help You Understand Your Septic System And The Care It Needs

If you do not have a conventional sewer service, a septic system is needed to treat the waste from your home. Many homeowners know very little about their septic systems and the care they need. Proper care and use of your system can prevent plumbing problems and costly repairs to your septic tank. Here are some tips to help you understand how your septic system works and the care it needs:

1. Understanding The Waste Treatment Process

The process of treating waste from your home is a lot more than flushing it down the drain. Once waste goes to the septic tank, the solids and liquid is separated. Heavy solids sink to the bottom of the tank, and affluent (liquid waste) is at the top. The solids are broken up by bacteria and become part of the liquid waste. To avoid problems, watch what you flush down the drain and avoid harsh chemicals.

2. Avoiding Excessive Use Of Water With Septic Systems

Heavy water usage can also cause problems with a septic system. If you ever wash a lot of loads of clothes or use several appliances, this can cause the affluent to rise. When this happens, it is possible for the septic system to become backed up. This can lead to problems in your homes plumbing or with the drain field. Avoid heavy water consumption to prevent these problems.

3. Pumping The Tank When Needed To Prevent Problems

Pumping your septic tank is also an important part of maintenance. This should be done regularly according to the size of your tank. If you tank gets more use, it may need to be pumped more often. This can be due to the tank being smaller than what you actually need, which can happen with more people living in your home.

4. Prevent Drain Field Problems With Your Septic System

Many different things can damage the drain field. Not having the tank pumped and waste clogging lines can cause damage. The drain system can also be damaged by heavy weight, so you will want to keep things like stones away from drain lines. Also, make sure you know where the drain field lines are and never drive over them because this can cause them to collapse.

With proper care, your septic tank will give you years of reliable service without any costly repairs. If you need to have your tank inspected and maintenance done, contact a septic service like AAA Pumping Service to get the help you need caring for your system.