Sluggish Drains? Get Them Clean Using These 3 Simple Methods

You know that old saying about an ounce of prevention? Well, that ounce of prevention can help keep your drains clean and free from clogs. It doesn't take a lot of work either. With just a few simple steps, you can keep your drains clean and smelling fresh.

Go Heavy On the Hot Water

You might think that everything gets washed down the drain each time you turn the faucet on. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Small particles of food and grease get left behind and cling to the sides of your drain pipes. You can help push those particles through the pipes by flushing your drains with hot water each time you use your sink.

Get the water as hot as possible and allow it to run for about 5-10 seconds. For added protection, pour boiling water down your drains once a day. Simply bring a pot of water to a boil on your stove and then pour the water directly into your drain. Your drains will stay clean and clog free.

Reach For the Baking Soda

Along with clogs, caked on oil and foods can also cause odors to build-up in your drain pipes. You can alleviate the clogs and foul odors by tossing a cup of baking soda down the drains once a week. The baking soda will clean the pipes and absorb the foul odors. Add a ½ cup of lemon juice to really freshen the pipes.

Pour the baking soda and lemon juice down the drain and allow it to sit for about 30 minutes. Flush the drains with hot water to remove the grime and odors. If your sinks get a lot of use, you can repeat this process several times a week.

Drop the Vinegar Ice Cubes

Ice cubes do a great job of keeping your garbage disposal clean. But, you can go one step further with the ice cube treatment. Instead of filling your ice tray with tap water, try adding some vinegar. Fill your trays with a 50/50 combination of water and vinegar. Place the trays in the freezer for the solution to freeze.

Toss the ice cubes into the sink and turn your garbage disposal on. The vinegar cubes will clean the disposal and the drain pipes. Repeat the application once a week to keep your garbage disposal clean and your drains flowing freely.

There's nothing worse than foul smelling drains or stubborn clogs. Keep your drains clean using these simple methods. For added protection, you should have your drains professionally cleaned by a plumbing company like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing at least once a year.