3 Signs That May Mean It’s Time To Repair Or Replace Your Water Heater

If you want to live a safe and comfortable life, it's important to take proper care of your water heater. Many people go about their everyday life and don't understand the importance of properly maintaining their water heater to avoid problems. You want to make sure that you have hot water for all of your cooking, cleaning, and bathing needs. Take a look at the following information to better understand the warning signs that may point to the need to repair or replace your hot water tank unit. 

You've Never Replaced Your Unit

If you've never replaced your water heater unit, that's not a good sign! As water heaters age, they begin to not function as well. This may mean it can take longer for your unit to heat up and or there may be inconsistencies with temperatures. If you have been in your home for many years and haven't changed out your unit, it's a good idea to have a professional look at it to make sure that it's functioning as well as possible and that it's safe. 

You Notice Loud Noises

If you start to notice loud noises from your tank, they shouldn't be ignored. Many individuals who experience problems with their hot water tank notice a loud banging or rumbling. This usually means that the unit will soon stop functioning. If you start to notice this type of problem, it's a good idea to have a plumbing and water heater professional come to your home. A professional will be able to determine if repairs are possible or if the unit should be replaced. 

Water Outside of the Unit

If you star to notice water outside the unit, this is a sign of a leak, which is unsafe and could continue to create problems. Even the smallest leak can become a bigger problem, including flooding problems in your home. If you're not re-draining and refilling an older unit, this is also a problem. A professional can help show you how to properly do this so that you can avoid leakage issues. 

Make sure that you take good care of your water heater unit so that you can avoid serious problems. With proper care, your water heater can last a long time so that you stay comfortable and safe when using water in your home. If you think that you may have issues, it's best to call a plumbing and heating professional right away.