Four Facts You Will Want To Know When Flood Waters Subside And The Cleaning Begins

Flooding can be devastating to your home, and there is a lot of cleaning the needs to be done. You may want to understand some of the facts about flood waters and what they mean for restoring your home. The water from flooding can cause many risks to your health and home. Cleaning up after a flood often means doing a lot of demolition and reconstruction. Here are some of the facts that will help make your cleanup process more successful:

1. The Blackwater Classification Of Flood Waters

Blackwater is the water in sewer lines, which contains sewage and waste. Flood waters also carry this same classification because they can carry many contaminates that are hazardous to your home, even sewage.  This means that when you do the cleanup, there are a lot of materials that will need to be completely removed from your home.

2. Removing Materials That Can Harbor Bacteria

There are also a lot of materials that can harbor bacteria from flooding. Carpet is one of these materials, which if you have this flooring in your home, it will have to be completely removed. You will also need to remove drywall, cabinetry and wood trim that has been exposed to the rising waters.

3. Cleaning Up And Remediation Of Structural Elements

Even when you remove as much of the damaged materials as possible, there can still be mold, bacteria and contaminates left behind. This is why remediation is important to take care of these problems. Even if there are no visible mold spores, a remediation service can treat your home to prevent it from growing and kill off bacteria.

4. Rebuilding To Prevent Future Problems With Rising Waters

There are also many things that you can do to prevent problems when the water rises again. This can include improvements to the landscaping around your home, such as adding French drains and dry wells to keep water out. You can also use more resistant materials when you rebuild to limit potential damage and repair costs. 

These are some of the facts that you will want to know when the water subsides and it's time to begin the cleanup process. If you need help with cleaning and rebuilding, contact a waste removal service to get your home back. They will be able to help you with cleaning up, as well as with installation of new waste water removal systems to protect your home from future damage.