2 Behaviors That Can Harm Your Septic Tank

Your septic tank works by using living organisms and organic matter to process raw sewage. When a septic tank is not being used correctly, the process can be disturbed. A malfunctioning septic tank cannot only cause the tank to backup waste into your lawn, but your home as well. By altering these two behaviors, it can lead to a septic tank that operates more efficiently.

Cleaning The Tank Too Often

It is possible to clean septic systems too often. This is because bacterial is crucial in making sure a septic tank functions properly. Without it, the tank will be unable to break down the waste that is inside it, such as toilet paper.

By decomposing the solid waste in the tank, it will not make its way out of the tank and into your drain field. It can lead to a thick biomat growth layer that will make it difficult for water waste to soak into the ground. One of the biggest issues it will cause is a tank that backs up, since the soil will be wet and the water cannot get far enough away from the tank to leave it.

Be sure to determine how often your tank needs to be pumped based on the size of the tank, and how many people are in your household. For example, a home with a 1000 gallon septic tank with two people living in it should only need to be pumped about every 6 years, while a same sized tank with a family of 5 would require pumping every 2 years.

Excessive Water Consumption

Cutting back on water usage will not only save you money, but cause your septic system to run more efficiently. When the septic tank is overflowing with water, it causes a problem called hydraulic overload. Similar to the previous issue, there will not be enough bacteria in the water to break down solid waste. When combined with high water levels in the tank, solid waste can escape the tank and find its way to the soil, causing that biomat growth layer.

The easy solution is to watch how much water you consume. Avoid having multiple people take long showers all in a row, or running several loads of laundry consecutively. Space out your water usage throughout the day and week to make sure that the tank is not overloaded with water.

If you do run into a problem with your home's septic tank or the drain field that needs repair, contact a professional in your area that can help.