Does Your Drain Have An Odor? 3 Potential Causes

You may believe that once something goes down your drain it is gone for good, so you do not suspect that the bad odor you are smelling is coming from the drain. Look out for these potential problems that could be causing that foul odor.

Soap Scum

Did you know that soap actually contains fat? It's possible for soap scum to build up inside a drain every time you use soap to clean something or wash your hands. After a while, your drain starts to smell. Soap scum can be difficult to remove inside a drain without having special tools, which is why it helps to have a plumbing snake on hand to clear it out. Not only will it help remove the odor, but can improve how fast water goes down the drain when the sink is in use.

Food Particles

You can try to prevent it from happening, but food particles will find their way down the drain. If your sink has a garbage disposal attached to it, throwing food down your drain is even a common occurrence in your household. The device is designed to get rid of food waste, so it's possible that you think that the appliance is taking care of all the waste for you.

Even if you have a garbage disposal, stick to putting food in your trash can or compost bin whenever possible. The appliance may grind the food up into tiny particles, but they can get stuck in the disposal's canister of the drain. You'll eventually smell that foul odor, and need to clean out the disposal and pipe of food waste.

While the point of having a garbage disposal is to put food down the drain, it's natural to still want to use it. That said, there are some foods you should avoid putting down it that can easily cause an odor. Any foods that are fibrous can stick to the insides of the appliance or the pipes, so keep your onion skins and potato peels out when possible. Rice and pasta will also expand when they become wet, easily causing clogs in the drain once they go down it.

Fats, Oils, and Grease

A big mistake that you can make is pouring fats, oils, and grease down your kitchen drain. These materials become hard when they come in contact with water, and cause them to become stuck to the sides of your plumbing. Not only are the hard to remove, but limit the flow of water down a drain.

If you need help getting rid of that foul odor down your drain, contact a plumber in your area.