Signs The Condenser Fan In Your AC Might Be Bad And Why You Should Have It Repaired Promptly

Your central air conditioner has fans in the indoor air handler and outside in the condenser. They both have to be maintained with regular cleaning, lubricating, and checking so your AC works efficiently and keeps your home cool. Problems with the outdoor fan can be difficult to detect if you stay indoors when it's hot and muggy, but if this fan fails, it can affect the compressor and cause expensive damage. Here are some signs your condenser fan may be in trouble and why you should get prompt repairs.

Why The Condenser Fan Is Important

Your AC works by moving warm air around. Your house is cooled because the refrigerant pulls hot temperatures out of your house. Then, when the heat is transferred to the condenser, the fan blows the heat away so the compressor can cool down. If the compressor can't cool down, your air conditioner may stop working.

What Signs Point To Fan Trouble

Two signs that let you know something is wrong with the condenser is when you hear odd noises and when you smell a burning odor. You don't want to ignore these signs as they could indicate problems with the fan motor. You might also notice the fan has a weak spin or spins intermittently. Also, if the fan can't cool off the compressor, the heat will build and your home may not cool down and the air conditioner may stop working.

Why Repairs Need To Be Done Promptly

If the fan or motor is bad, the AC repair service can replace the parts for a modest cost. These repairs aren't cheap, but they aren't nearly as costly as having to replace the compressor. By fixing the fan quickly, you can prevent damaging the compressor and paying a high repair bill. Compressor repairs can be so expensive that your AC repair service might want you to weigh the cost of repairs against replacing your AC.

How To Prevent Condenser Fan Damage

The fan can be damaged for reasons beyond your control. However, you can reduce the risk of fan trouble by having annual maintenance on the air conditioner and by keeping an eye on the condenser all summer so you can call a repair service at the first sign of a malfunction. You may also want to keep weeds and grass away from the AC so flying debris doesn't get in the cage when you mow. There are several parts in your air conditioner that can malfunction, so an unusual noise isn't necessarily a serious problem, but it pays to call for a check so you can keep your AC in good repair for a long life.