What Is Hydro Jetting?

If you've got a clog that's causing your water to drain slowly, you're probably ready to take a hammer to your pipes just to get rid of it. Unfortunately, brute strategies like that would cause more harm than good. One other option that you do have that is more powerful than a simple drain snake is hydro jetting. As the name implies, hydro jetting is a technique used by plumbers where a tiny hose is snaked through the drain and then delivers an impressive amount of water pressure at a single point. It's quick and effective at not only clearing clogs but also removing the residue that could be left behind.

How Does It Work?

Generally, before any kind of hydro jetting takes place, a small camera is inserted into the drain to locate the point of obstruction. Once it's identified, the hose is lowered inside the drain and the water pressure is adjusted according to the condition of the pipes. Some hydro jetting drain cleaning services are capable of providing up to 5,000 PSI worth of pressure and delivering up to 20 gallons of water per minute.

What Are the Benefits?

The biggest reason to hydro jet a drain is to provide a thorough and deep clean of the pipe. Stubborn clogs that can't be dislodged by a snake are usually destroyed by hydro jetting with little to no residue left behind to create a secondary clog later. Also, hydro jetting can go deeper in the drain than just surface-level clogs. This makes them perfect instruments to use for plumbers who are also trying to clear sewer lines.

Who Can't Use Hydro Jetting?

Despite its obvious benefits, hydro jetting isn't for everyone. Older homes have piping systems that are usually weathered and susceptible to cracks, especially when exposed to high water pressure. If the pipes are exposed to too much pressure, the lining can crack. 

Another time that hydro jetting should be avoided is when the tree root systems are creeping into the sewer line. Always looking for an extra source of water, a tree's root system can push onto the sewer line, trying to force its way in. If enough pressure is forced from the inside, the pressure from both directions can crack the pipe. A professional can tell you if hydro jetting is the right option for your situation. 

Though hydro jetting will definitely clear just about any clog that may appear in your home, you'll need to rely on an experienced plumber to decide when and how to use it. For more information, reach out to a professional who provides hydro jetting services.