3 Ways Flooding Affects Your Septic System

A flood is a big problem for any homeowner, but it's especially problematic if you have a septic tank on your property. Your septic system can be damaged or even destroyed by the effects of flood waters, so if you live in an area that's prone to flooding, you need to be prepared. Here are three ways that flooding can affect your septic system. It can weaken your tank Septic tanks are made of concrete, and while concrete is strong, it can be damaged by prolonged exposure to floodwaters. Read More 

What To Know When It’s Time To Replace The Garbage Disposal

It's time to replace the garbage disposal unit that came with the house. Should you go with the cheapest model, or just do without for awhile? More than a convenience, your disposal unit helps the environment. Here is some helpful information as you shop for a new garbage disposal.    Why It Helps the Environment According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), nearly 20 percent of household waste is food scraps. Read More 

Why You Should Get A Sewer Inspection Before Buying Your New Home

If you are in the market for a new home, your mind will likely be on all of the things that could potentially be wrong with your home that could inform your purchasing decision. One of the most important issues you must not overlook is the state of your home's sewer system. You will want to make sure that your home sewer system is inspected thoroughly to make sure there are no underlying problems that might be expensive to fix. Read More 

Four Energy Saving Projects Any Plumbing Contractor Can Help You With

If you want to pay less when your utility bills come, there are improvements that you can do to your home. You can invest in things like solar energy and mechanical systems that are more efficient. Some of these things can be costly, but not all of the energy improvements you can do to your home have to break the bank. If you want a home that is more energy efficient, here are some things that a plumbing contractor can help you with: Read More 

How To Put In A New Toilet Flapper

One of the easiest things to fix in your bathroom is replacing the toilet flapper. This is the plastic component inside the toilet tank that helps your toilet flush water and waste. Here are some easy tips for replacing the old flapper with a new one. Turn off the Water Supply Once you have purchased your new toilet flapper and are ready to install it, you need to turn off the water supply. Read More