2 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make with Your Home

Because of how much money you invest into your home, you want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to keep it in top condition for years to come. Sadly, many people end up making mistakes that cause more harm than good.  Avoid these common mistakes and keep your home in top shape for years to come. Don't skimp out on the amount of materials you need. Read More 

Paper Towel Clog Solutions For Small Fitness Studios

Newbie business owners who open a small personal training, group exercise, yoga, or pilates studio often come across unforeseen complexities. In particular, when your new studio is located in a small-sized commercial rental designed as office space, the bathroom is not fully adequate for a fitness business. So, to avoid plumbing mishaps, take a few additional steps to prevent embarrassing clogs. Towel Trouble Arises Physical activity causes people to sweat. After a workout, clients are likely going to walk into the bathroom, wash their hands and face, wipe the water off with paper towels, and then make the egregious mistake of flushing the towels down the toilet. Read More 

Three Tips For Deciding What Material To Use For A Clean-Out Plug

It's necessary to have one or more clean-out plugs in your home if you want to periodically clean and otherwise maintain your pipes. The right choice of clean-out plug for you depends on both the circumstances of your home and your own individual preferences. When it's time to decide what clean-out plug material to use in one area of your home, these three tips will assist you. Consider How Close The Clean-out Plug Will Be To A Toilet Read More 

Why An Air Conditioner Tune-Up Is Worth It

Everyone has seen commercials on television or heard them on the radio that talks about an air conditioner tune-up. Getting your air conditioner ready for the hot summer months is important so that you can make sure that the cold air is blowing and that it does not break down when you most need it. But what does a tune-up actually consist of and is it actually worth doing every year? Read More 

3 Quick Furnace Troubleshooting Tips That Require No Expertise

Furnace problems can leave you feeling chilly during the coldest months of the year. If your heater doesn't seem to be working to its full capacity, there are a few quick troubleshooting tricks you can try. Problems that persist are likely bigger issues that should be left in the capable hands of a heating repair technician. Here are a few quick furnace troubleshooting ideas that are appropriate for nearly any adult homeowner. Read More