What It Means If Your Tub Backs Up When You Flush Your Toilet

Having the things you flush down your toilet back up into your tub is a nightmare. It's not only unsanitary and smells bad, it may indicate that there's a serious problem with your pipes. If you're having this problem, this guide will explain some of the reasons why your toilet is backing up into your tub. Pipe Blockage One of the most common causes of this particular phenomenon is that you have a blockage in the pipe. Read More 

2 Problems Associated With A Rusted Water Tank

Having access to hot water is a luxury that many modern families take for granted. Hot water heaters are the appliances responsible for heating a home's water, and the storage tank for many water heaters is made from metal. When metal is exposed to moisture, rust can begin to form over time. If you think that the rust spots on your hot water heater's storage tank are nothing to be concerned about, here are two problems that rust could cause that you may have to deal with in the future. Read More 

Tips For Unclogging Drains

If you've got a pesky clogged drain, then you might be ready to call a plumber. But before you do that, you might want to try out these methods for unclogging that drain on your own. If you are still at a loss after trying each of the following techniques, then a plumber is probably your best bet anyway. 1. Hot Water The first solution is also the simplest. Hot water can do wonders when it comes to breaking up clogs. Read More 

Leaving Your Teenager Home For The Weekend For The First Time? 2 Things To Teach Them Before You Leave

If you are leaving your teenager home for a weekend for the very first time, you never know what could come up while you are gone. Instead of coming home to a mess, you need to teach them how to do a few things in case something happens. Unclog a Kitchen Drain Your teenager may not clean dishes like you do, and instead of scraping dishes before they wash or place them in the dishwasher, the food gets washed down your sink. Read More 

Avoid Flushing Money Down the Drain When Adding a Garage Bathroom

Whether it's done to keep the house cleaner when working outside or to provide additional livable space in the garage, adding a bathroom to the garage can have great benefits. But because of the garage design, it may seem like a time-consuming and expensive project. The good news is that there are a few ways to reduce both effort and money involved. Here are the three steps to building a garage bath with less time and expense. Read More