Three Safety Tips To Reduce Damage With Emergency Plumbing Problems

Water problems can come at any time and when you least expect them. They are often related to problems with the plumbing in your home, such as sewer backflow, busted pipes and unexpected leaks. There are plumbing services that can help with these emergencies, but there are also some things that you will want to do while you are waiting. Here are some emergency plumbing tips to help you while you are waiting on the plumber:  Read More 

Don’t Let Odors Destroy The Party: 3 Quick Ways To Clean The Drains

If you're throwing a party, you want everything to be perfect. Unfortunately, the guests are about to arrive and you're noticing foul odors coming up through the drain pipes. You don't have time to have your drains professionally cleaned. That doesn't mean you have to deal with drain odors during your party. Here are three quick tips that will help you get rid of the odors before your guests arrive. Read More 

Heating Your Home With A Water Heater? Follow These Maintenance Tips

Using a water heater to fuel a radiant flooring heating system is a great way to keep your home warm and cozy during the winter. If the water heater is not properly maintained, however, then the whole system might malfunction and leave you shivering. This article takes a look at some of the key maintenance tasks you can perform to keep your water heater functioning effectively. Draining Experts recommend that you drain your water heater annually. Read More 

How A Water Softener Improves The Quality Of Water In Your Home

If you want to treat the water in your home so it is safe for drinking, bathing, and doing laundry, you may wonder if a water softener is the answer. It helps if you understand how a water softener works and what it actually does to the water. The important thing to know is that one of these units is for treating hard water and not for filtering out contaminants. Here is a look at how water softeners work. Read More 

Watch Out For Signs That Your Sewer Pipe Is Clogging Up

Most people don't think about their sewer line until it's too late. To avoid a mess in your home from backed up sewage, it's important to understand that there are signs that indicate your sewer pipe is beginning to get clogged. Especially if you have an older home and there are trees growing near your sewer pipe, the signs that the pipe is not as clear as it should be can't be ignored. Read More